Portable Ionic Hairbrush

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  •  High-Quality Materials: This electric massage comb is made of high-quality ABS environmentally-friendly materials, which are skin-friendly and durable. The ergonomically designed bow design can adapt to the shape of the user's hand to ensure an excellent grip experience.
  • Ionic Vibration: This electric massage comb generates vibration massage through negative ions, which helps reduce static hair and makes the hair instantly smooth, smooth and shiny. It will greatly promote blood circulation in the scalp layer and reduce the pressure on the head. Long-term use can effectively reduce hair loss, and relieve headaches and dizziness.
  • Electric Massage: This electric massage comb adopts a vibration massage function and is carefully designed according to ergonomics. It has a great effect on alleviating fatigue and improving sleep quality. It can promote blood circulation of the scalp while carving, making you feel more comfortable and your hair healthier.
  • Protect Hair: All the tips of this electric massage comb are soft and seamless, to avoid damaging the scalp or pulling the hair during use. The special ball head has a large contact surface, which can gently protect the scalp, effectively clean the scalp, strengthen the hair root, and help the hair grow smoothly.
  • Easy to Carry: The compact and lightweight design of this electric massage comb makes it easy to use and easy to carry. This hair comb is ideal for scalp massage and hair care. It is easy to disassemble and can clean every part easily, very practical.